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Bachelor en droit


Students enrolled on the Bachelor in Law degree course are given the choice of completing either a placement or a dissertation during the third and final year of the Bachelor degree course.


This type of short placement does not provide much time to carry out actual tasks. However, it gives students an opportunity to:

  • leave student life
  • consider their career options
  • become part of a team at work
  • understand how business works
  • obtain an overview of a company as a whole, comprising the different roles and responsibilities and how these interact, and its organisational structure.

During their placement, students learn in general terms about the activities, tasks and responsibilities of each role within the host company.


Preparing a dissertation

Students attend a symposium relating to law. They must analyse the subject matter on the basis of advanced research and write a critical review. When preparing the dissertation, students are supported by one of the two directors of studies, who supervises the writing of the dissertation and submission to the university. Make sure that you decide on the topic of the symposium early on to give yourself sufficient time to research the subject matter and write the dissertation.


If you feel uncertain whether to opt for a placement or dissertation, do not hesitate to contact Nadège Meyer-Hamy, who will guide you in choosing the most suitable option for you.

Contact :

Nadège Meyer-Hamy
Internship coordinator



A mobility semester at a foreign university of at least one semester is obligatory in order to discover a foreign legal culture at first hand. To facilitate the student mobility, the University of Luxembourg has concluded numerous agreements with prestigious universities in Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, etc.) and throughout the world (USA, Canada, Japan, China, etc.).

The challenges of universitary mobility:

The mobility semester at a foreign university allows students to:

  • enhance the university experience by the integration of studies at a prestigious partner university
  • have an extra advantage when persuiing a Master’s degree in law. In Luxembourg, the master level specialisations are bilingual  - French/English
  • adapt to the requirements of the European and international labor market
  • develop specific competences in order to deal with the economic and social culture of certain countries
  • have a transnational and transcultural vision. What could be more profitable for a young person than discovering new cultures, traditions and meeting new people? That experience is a real personal enrichment.

Employment without borders

Law firms always search for future lawyers and jurists that are proficient in the English language, have an imaginative spirit, the capacity to adapt  to changes and an open mind. You must be open to work in a multicultural environment.

An international CV makes a strong impact on recruiters. Studying abroad is proof of an open mind, the capacity to adapt to other cultures and listening to others as well as taking responsability.

All areas in law (competition law, social law, technology and media law, business law, European law, etc.) generate an internationalisation of files and a cross-sectional nature of intervention areas. The future lawyers and jurists should apprehend the clients’ field of activities and understand the economic issues well. Rigour and legal monitoring are required (the law is always changing).


How to prepare my mobility:

Mobility should not be a last minute decision! It’s a personal project that requires preparation and attention. In order to make your mobility a success, we recommend that you start with the preparations in your first year!

Download the Guide "Preparing for your semester abroad":


Contact :

Stephanie Anderson
Student Mobility Specialist