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Doctoral School in Economics, Finance and Management (DSEFM)

Aims and Focus

The Doctoral School in Economics, Finance and Management aims at providing doctoral candidates with a high-caliber research environment meeting the standards of the best universities in Europe and North America.

The doctoral candidates will focus on developing their ability to cope with new, original research questions and address them with up-to-date quantitative tools and methods. The objective is to train highly skilled professionals and to contribute to the dissemination and advancement of knowledge in economics and finance.

Through the collaboration of the School’s researchers with private partners as well as local and international public institutions, the doctoral candidates will have the opportunity to exchange with external experts and organizations.

The interdisciplinary nature of the School offers candidates a rich training environment and diversity of research topics, as well as a better opportunity of academic and professional placement within and outside Europe. The  research programs cover the following topics:

Economics and Management (DEM)

Economics: focusing on regional development, economic integration, environment policies, international economics, labor economics, macro finance, macroeconomic growth and dynamics

Management: operations management (logistics) and business administration (innovation, audit, small enterprises)

Finance (DF)

focusing on quantitative finance, risk management and financial governance, corporate finance, behavioral finance, law and finance, Islamic finance


The working language is English.



Pierre M Picard

Head of DSEFM



Programme administrator: