Doctoral School in Economics, Finance and Management (DSEFM)

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The Department of Economics and Management (DEM) at the University of Luxembourg hosts three Doctoral Training Units (DTU) devoted to migration research:

  • Migration, Inequalities and Labour Markets - MINLAB;
  • Analysis of Cross-Border Human Mobility - ACROSS.
  • Experiments, Ethics and Economics - 3E.

Professor Michel Beine is coordinator of MINLAB and ACROSS programmes at DEM.

Professor Tibor Neugebauer is coordinator of 3E at DEM.


Michel Beine's research interests are mainly about international economics, especially the economics of international migration. I investigate a broad range of issues such as migration of skilled workers, network effects, migration and climatic shocks, international mobility of students, mitigation of resource booms through mobility of workers and more recently evaluation of the IIA hypothesis in international migration with some possible econometric solutions.
He teaches international economics, econometrics, causal identification in econometrics and a course on the economics of international migration at the PHD level.

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Tibor Neugebauer is passionate about doing research in Experimental Finance and Economics. In his research he uses laboratory data to study human behaviour in markets and social dilemmas and decision making under risk and uncertainty. He designs experiments to test the predictions of theoretical economics and finance and to study human behaviour in complex environments for which no theoretical solution exists.

He has conducted extensive research on the impact of institutional, informational, and economic incentive structures on human beliefs, learning, strategic interaction, and market outcomes. More recently, his scientific activity has focused on the interaction between algorithms and human subjects in asset markets.

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