LL.M. Programmes

First Year (M1)

The first year of LL.M. studies (M1) is joint for all seven programmes. If offers a solid basis in European law and prepares students for the different specialisations offered in the second year of LL.M. studies (M2).

The M1:

  • Explores all seven specialisations offered in the second year,
  • Includes advance classes on institutional and substantive EU law,
  • Offers specialised seminars on specific aspects of EU law,
  • Highlights the international and transnational context of European law,
  • Takes a global approach to today’s challenges for European law.

The curriculum consists of general and specialised mandatory classes and is complemented by elective seminars. The classes are grouped in the following modules (60 ECTS):

  • Fundamentals of EU Law
  • Competition and internal market law
  • Specialisations in European law
  • International and transnational context
  • International and European human rights protection
  • Current issues of European and international law







The programme is taught bilingually in French and English, reflecting the international and multilingual nature of Luxembourg and its University. Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance teaching staff are supported by professors from universities abroad, legal practitioners from the financial centre and experts from the Luxembourg-based European institutions, especially the Court of Justice of the European Union.

During their studies, students are strongly encouraged to participate international moot court competitions as an alternative to one course per module.
Upon completion of the first year of the Master (M1), students will have the necessary prerequisites to enrol in one of the seven specialisations offered in the second year. Students choose their specialisation at the end of the first semester.