Master en Droit Bancaire et Financier Européen (LL.M.)




Brtková Nikola: Despite being relatively new, the programme was very well organized and in general surpassed my expectations. It offered both, theoretical background as well as practical application explained by leading practitioners. What I would like to point out is the fact that the content of the studies was continuously updated to reflect the constantly changing legislative framework. This gave every graduate a valuable lead for future use. more




Martin Eduard Debusmann: Mir haben in Luxemburg vor allem die kleinen Studiengruppen, die internationale Atmosphäre und das stets hilfsbereite und motivierte Dozententeam gefallen: Gerade weil meine 19 Kommilitonen aus 12 Nationen ihre eigenen nationalen Rechtsansichten in die Diskussionen einbringen konnten, habe ich das Europäische Recht auf eine sehr intensive und einprägsame Art kennengelernt. more




Fostier Arnaud: The master / LLM in International and European law is, by far, the best choice any student wishing to specialise in business law could make. The number of students is limited which creates a friendly environment and allows the luxury of individual staff attention to each student. The faculty is composed of the best academics as well as lawyers practising in major law firms and having invaluable experience in all fields of Luxembourg law. more




Hein Alessandra : In order to talk about my Luxembourgish experience, I must mention, at first, the maturity and personal empowerment that the course gave me. Spending a year in a multicultural university, with professors and students from around the world, certainly changed my perspective and taught me to deal with challenges and differences. more




Kolbet Jeffrey: The scope of the Master's programme is vast. It covers various fields of financial law such as banking regulation, structured financings, securities law, M&A, investment funds (regulated and unregulated CIS's) and many more. The Master's drilled down a lot of the concepts and it taught me all the nuts and bolts of financial law that I use on almost a daily basis. more




Le Mouël Maxime : In this constantly changing regulatory environment, the Master gives you the best basis to be able to cope with all European Directives and regulations that shape the way we operate business across borders.
This will not be possible without a teaching staff balanced between the best academia and business in their respective fields which allow students to directly make the link between theory and real life practice. more




Leroy Julien : The Master was of great interest to me; not only was I able to learn precisely about the core banking and financial European legislation taught by renowned academics on the one hand but also to be handled practical legal Luxembourgish issues by leading lawyers/experts on the other hand.
The academics were always ready to answer questions and available for further consultation. To me, the subjects instructed are the essence of legal practice in this specific field and I would recommend this Master to motivated students and legal specialists. more




Maninchedda Maud : I have an LLM in European Law and have been working in international banks and law firms in Luxembourg for five years. I have acquired practical experience in the fields of corporate law and undertakings for collective investments (UCITS) but I wanted to gain in-depth knowledge of investment funds issues. I have therefore taken the opportunity to build my knowledge in banking and financial law by taking the Master II in European Banking and Financial law - Collective Investment Scheme option (CIS). I have discovered that, in addition to the legal aspects, this master also covers tax and financial topics. The rigorous academic content taught by famous experts is the best way to familiarize oneself with the financial environment as a whole.
Studying part-time while working full-time bridges theory with practice. Indeed, this qualification provides a range of transferable skills and experience and will, for sure, expose new horizons. In the mid-term, I am planning to use the knowledge gained to help develop the services provided by the growing alternative investment fund team of my law firm and to be able to assist investment managers with their daily and strategic needs.




Marmara Andriana : As a law graduate from Greece, I wanted to do something different, fresh and challenging. The Master in European Banking and Financial Law of the University of Luxembourg was the ideal master in the ideal place. Guided by a concrete and highly qualified group of professors, I got the chance to deepen my knowledge in the uprising European legal framework upon the financial sector as well as develop my practical skills through teamwork assignments and oral presentations. In the end of the day, as entering the professional playing field is your ultimate goal, your resume will draw the attention of the most prestigious banks and law firms situated where else? In Luxembourg.
Join the specialist team! 




Retson Brisson Etienne : I hold some amazing memories of my year in the European Banking and Finance Law program. The teachers were excellent and have impressive academic backgrounds. The second half of the program introduces students to the technical aspects of banking and international finance while the first half concerns the study of the European directives and their implementation into the national law of Luxembourg. The second half also offers technical courses on specific aspects of financial law such as securitization, structured finance, IPO, stock market listing, creation of mutual funds, ethics of finance. more