Master en Droit Bancaire et Financier Européen (LL.M.)


Testimonial: Leroy Julien (France)

The Master was of great interest to me; not only was I able to learn precisely about the core banking and financial European legislation taught by renowned academics on the one hand but also to be handled practical legal Luxembourgish issues  by  leading  lawyers/experts  on  the  other  hand.  The  academics  were always ready to answer questions and available for further consultation. To me, the subjects instructed are the essence of legal practice in this specific field and I would recommend this Master to motivated students and legal specialists.

I have been working for the past two years as legal counsel at the “Banque Centrale du Luxembourg” (BCL), within the governor’s office. I was in charge of producing  legal  opinions  aimed  at  the  governor  pertaining  to  “request  for advice” (i.e. – written opinions) sent by the European Central Bank on various banking and financial matters. The ECB delivers on average 550 opinions a year on   European   legislative   and   regulatory   changes,   on   national   legislation’s initiative but also on legal changes pertaining to collateral management, access to various payments and securities systems among others. I also coordinated and provided the Executive Board with all relevant legal files and stances that contributed to the Governing Council and General Council meetings held at the ECB in Frankfurt.
In 2010, I was also legally engaged in informal discussions with euro deputies on
the setting up of the ESRB and the European Securities Agencies. Furthermore, I brought about practical legal solutions to various business cases coming from the BCL’s units in various matters (financial stability, prudential supervision, payment systems).
I have recently taken up a position as Head of Compliance in a private company.