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Master en Droit Bancaire et Financier Européen (LL.M.)


Testimonial: Retson Brisson Etienne (Canada)

My name is Etienne Retson Brisson. I work at one of Montreal’s leading law firms. I was called to the Barreau du Québec in 2010. I hold a Bachelor’s of Law from Université Laval (Canada), and studied American law at the University of Louisville (United States) and political science at the University of Alberta (Canada). I clerked at the Tax

Court of Canada in 2010-2011 and, in 2009-2010, I studied at the University of Luxembourg where I graduated with an LL.M. in European Banking and Finance Law.

I hold some amazing memories of my year in the European Banking and Finance Law program. The teachers were excellent and have impressive academic backgrounds. The second half of the program introduces students to the technical aspects of banking and international finance while the first half concerns the study of the European directives and their implementation into the national law of Luxembourg. The second half also offers technical courses on specific aspects of financial law such as securitization, structured finance, IPO, stock market listing, creation of mutual funds, ethics of finance.

Also, foreign teachers came to us to present the banking and financial laws of their respective countries (United States, Russia, Islamic finance, France). I remember, in particular, the presentation of Jun Cheng on Chinese law, an authority in China.

The workload is important during your year, but so is the fun! In that respect, student life at the University of Luxembourg is great and the city of Luxembourg is very entertaining. I had the opportunity to get involved in a wide variety of activities on campus. For instance, I was a founding member and Vice-President of Seminars & Conferences of the

European Law Students' Association (ELSA Luxembourg). As well, it was quite easy and cheap to get around Europe from Luxembourg, which is centrally located.

My year there was a great opportunity for networking. I now have valuable contacts all across Europe; people I know I could rely on in the future. This LL.M. will lead you to several job opportunities. Most of my friends who applied to law firms or accounting firms in Luxembourg found a job after the LLM. Thus, this LL.M. is an authority in Luxembourg. Year after year, the LL.M. is getting worldwide recognition. This was confirmed to me on several occasions by outside sources.

Even though I am not dealing daily with European law and I am working in the area of taxation, this LL.M. is of great use in my practice. One aspect of my practice is to advise both issuers and purchasers on sophisticated products such as monetization, swaps or other derivative products, hybrid financial instruments, structured products, mutual funds, trust structures, loan and insurance arrangements. Also, I deal with the tax consequences of mergers and acquisitions, reorganization of corporate groups, management buy-outs, international financing structures, etc. This LL.M. gives me an edge when I have to deal with these questions because now I understand the underlying non tax issues that concern those types of products and transactions.  

In brief, my LL.M. year was fantastic and I would not hesitate a second to do it all over again.