Master in European Economic and Financial Criminal Law (LL.M.)


Because practical experience in applying text-book knowledge to real-life situations is a key element in finding the right position after graduation, the LL.M. in European Economic and Financial Criminal Law was specifically designed to ensure that each of its students undertakes an internship with one of the field’s numerous local stakeholders.

Each student is responsible for arranging an internship that meets the programme’s requirements in terms of length, subject matter, and evaluation. However, students are not left alone to find an appropriate position. Not only will they benefit from the proximity of several EU institutions (and the fact that several EU officials teach in the programme), but they will also find that the University has already entered into framework agreements with many of Luxembourg’s leading law firms, banks, and companies, through which such entities have agreed to offer internships to the programme’s students and which help structure the content of the internship.

Internships typically start in early May and must continue for a minimum of eight consecutive weeks. Beyond that, the internship’s supervisor and the student may certainly agree to extend the relationship.

A student’s performance in the internship will be evaluated by his or her individual internship supervisor (typically an employee or member of the entity at which the internship takes place).



Nadège Meyer-Hamy, Internship Coordinator