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Graduates of the Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management will join not only one but two alumni networks upon receiving their diploma.

  • Graduates will be able to connect with alumni of the University of Luxembourg in general and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance in particular. The Faculty organises an annual get-together for alumni, current students, staff and its partners. Throughout the year, it strongly encourages networking between its highly international alumni, facilitating the process through a dedicated platform on LinkedIn.
  • All MIT Global SCALE Network alumni are invited to join the MIT Alumni Association. The alumni should update their information in the association's "Infinite Connection" directory and can look up information on other MIT alumni.
  • Graduates will also be invited to attend alumni events of the MIT Global SCALE Network. Among these is the annual SCALE Alumni ReConnect event, which brings together alumni from the global programmes for networking.



Aanand Pandey

Graduating class: MIT Luxembourg 2019
Current job: Supply Chain Analyst and Consultant at AIMMS

"Successfully pursuing the Master in Supply Chain and Logistics at University of Luxembourg was among the best experiences of my life.

The programme combined theoretical aspects of supply chains ranging from logistics management to data science with many real-life examples to prepare us for our professional lives. The faculty was always engaged and willing to help the students move to the next level.

Being part of the MIT SCALE Network, our class spent almost four weeks at MIT in Boston attending conferences, lectures and interacting with our fellow peers from the supply chain industry. I especially appreciated the connections opportunities and the exposure we received. the opportunities to make connections

The broad range of courses available in the programme means that all students can find their niche and be assured that they are equipped with the right set of skills to succeed professionally. I would recommend this course to everyone!"



Kirsten Evans

Graduating class: MIT Luxembourg 2018
Current job: Audit Operations Manager at Transportation Impact, LLC

"I chose this program because of experience of staff and diversity of the country Luxembourg and other students in this cohort. We have a lot of cultural diversity, referring to 13 different countries. It opened-up an opportunity for me to understand different people, business practices, cultures and experiences.

Another reason for me to choose the programme is its location and its international presence especially in logistics. Luxembourg serves 80% of Europe in one-day transit.

I knew I was going to learn and understand many international markets and logistic networks.

My advice: come to this programme with open mind and be anxious to learn."



Asen Georgiev Kalenderski

Graduating class: MIT SCM 2015
Current job: Technical Program Manager at Amazon EU s.a.r.l.

"I graduated from the Master in Supply Chain Management programme at MIT in Boston. There are three key factors that make the MIT SCALE Network Master programmes the best supply chain higher education and give the highest chance for professional success of their graduates.

First, excellent teaching staff with academic and professional experience. Second, experiencing the SCALE Network enriches the students’ knowledge and professional network. The SCALE Network allows to meet and learn from professionals coming from all continents and a variety of cultures. It gives access to knowledge and resources available from MIT and the universities in the network.

Third, the SCM programme and the SCALE network were built with intention to provide practical knowledge. Attending a Master programme in the SCALE network was the greatest and most productive experience in my life.

Life in Luxembourg is dynamic, the location and standard of living allow to travel all across Europe and beyond. Luxembourg has the positives of a big cosmopolitan environment and the benefits of living in a small city."



Pavel Volosciuc

Graduating class: ZLOG SCM 2011
Current job: Program Manager at Amazon EU s.a.r.l.

"Before the Master programme, I had no prior experience in supply chain management or logistics. The programme has given me a clear path to this profession. Now, years after graduation, I still believe the degree has given us unmatched end-to-end knowledge of supply chain management concepts and critical experience for effective work in diverse teams.

Looking at my personal journey, and career paths of other MIT SCALE Network graduates, you can be sure that this degree will put you in pole position to succeed. Luxembourg has been a pleasant surprise so far. It is a lively town, full of like-minded international professionals, so it is possible to build a great network. There are plenty of events and the region around Luxembourg is full of great locations for weekend getaways."

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