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A Family Forever!

Written by Utsav Burman, LSCM Alumni 2019

Coming to Luxembourg to broaden my knowledge about the world of logistics and supply chains has been one of the best decisions in my life so far. Out of all the scale centers, LCL is the only one providing its students with not only an international environment but also an exposure to the university culture which opens multiple horizons to explore university events, network with people from various different educational backgrounds and create life long bonds!

For me, it was an intensive learning curve full of group assignments, laughters, tears and parties which kept me challenging the status quo in all dimensions. This has allowed me to grow as an individual the last year and create bonds with my friends and professors, a bond which is shared by a family!

Cheers! To all the future members looking to join this family!"







Dream big!

Written by Andra Petrescu, LSCM Alumni 2018

It took ten months of reflection and hard work to appreciate the new and unknown that was ahead of me. Ten months ago, I was only dreaming big. In September 2017, I met fourteen people with whom I shared my hope and energy to become a better professional. They became my team.

One year ago, I took a tough decision to leave home and move to Luxembourg. I had the full support of my family and close ones who were beyond excited about my new adventure. I could not make it without them.


When classes started, I had the feeling everyone was at a different level than me. My colleagues seemed so confident and prepared. It took me a while to realise we were all learning to swim in a new pool that we had thrown ourselves into. I wasn’t in my best shape but I strongly believed in being humble and open-minded. Everyone I met had a story, everyone knew something I did not. So, I focused on learning new and challenging things. It was a bitter sweet journey with funny moments, late night studying, tons of coffee, laughter and tears.

It is hard to leave everything behind and start over but don’t focus on the small achievements! Dream big, stay focused, enjoy the journey and keep your head up no matter what. When you feel tired and disappointed, don’t forget that friendship is the cornerstone that will help you all the way to your goal.








Luxembourg, make it happen!

Written by Elvin Mursalov, LSCM Alumni 2018

As the first cohort of students of MIT SCALE SCM programme at Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, we had a productive time with hard-work and enthusiasm within the small multicultural family. In my personal opinion, it has been a unique part of our lives to be always remembered.

Luxembourg is a beautiful and safe country, full of natural relaxation and professional people representing many cultures. It is a good place to live and travel. The University of Luxembourg is quite young but a very dynamic place with innovative projects and programmes.

Elvin Mursalov


The part of the programme in Boston was great in terms of meeting peers from other centres, attending master class sessions by MIT staff and industry leaders. We also had an exposure to the local culture to some extent, exploring aspects of life on the other side of the ocean.

For people interested in joining the programme, I would recommend to align it with future career plans and in case they decide to join, to exploit all study opportunities here, hence the programme is hands on and quantitative.

The last, but not least, I am proud that we made it happen with our cohort in Luxembourg which is a “melting pot” of many cultures and nationalities.  It is also amazing to represent my motherland Azerbaijan and demonstrate its rich culture here.

Time is flying. Feels like summer is not so far, looking forward to completing long awaited Master’s degree from MIT SCALE SCM programme and continuing my supply chain professional career equipped with new skills and knowledge.

I am very thankful to all my colleagues from the programme and faculty members at Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain.

Great people, Great memories!

Master in logistics and supply chain management students 2017





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