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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - English studies

About Our Programme

The Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - English studies offers you the opportunity to specialise in English Literature and Linguistics in an exciting international and multilingual setting. From the beginning of your academic career, you will explore a wide range of topics and approaches, engage in current scholarly debates and investigate the complexities and the intricacies of your chosen field.


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What is special about this programme?

Do you ever wonder about the power and the beauty of the written word? Are you curious about how we use language and why we adapt the way we speak and write to social or cultural circumstances? If you do think about such issues, this study programme may be for you.

The structure of the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes is quite unique: it combines traditional training in English Studies with an interdisciplinary reflection on Europe and European cultures. This Common Curriculum in European Cultures makes up one third of the credits you will be required to obtain to graduate (60 ECTS) and is co-organised by the six specialisation tracks of the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes (including English Studies), namely 

Depending on your personal choices and interests and the availability of places, you may also develop a second disciplinary focus or specialisation (36-60 ECTS) within the common curriculum. 

Your focus. Your choice!

Our study programme is designed to promote critical and independent thinking as well as a sense of initiative in our students. You will be encouraged to combine your specialisation in English Studies with courses from other fields.

What this interdisciplinary focus looks like depends in part on your own study and research interests. The opportunity to shape your own academic path(s) by combining your specialisation with courses from the common curriculum will help you to acquire the qualities we wish to develop in our students: autonomy, open-mindedness, and flexibility.

We strongly believe that these qualities will prove invaluable to you as you advance in your academic career and embark on your professional lives.



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Programm auf einem Blick

  • 6 Semester / 180 ECTS
  • Ein Auslandsemester im Rahmen der vorgeschriebenen Mobilität
  • Verfügbare Plätze: 40
  • Sprachkenntnisse:
    • Erste Sprache: Englisch (C1)
    • Zweite Sprache: Französisch oder Deutsch (B2)
    • Dritte Sprache: Französisch oder Deutsch (A2)
  • Motivationsschreiben
  • Studiengebühren:
    • 400€ / Semester (Semester 1-2)
    • 200€ / Semester (Semester 3-6)




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