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Nos formations bachelor - brochure
BCE English studies - leaflet

Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - English studies

Required Documents

To be eligible for this programme, you must provide the following documents with your application (some may be submitted at a later stage):

Step 1

Personal Information


The following documents must be submitted in the initial stages of the application procedures:

  • a current CV
  • your admissions essay
  • an academic reference or letter of recommendation from a teacher who knows you and your work well

Step 2

Official Qualifications and Certificates


Please make sure you upload the following documents as soon as they become available:

  • your school leaving qualifications (secondary school diploma), and for all non-National diplomas, a diploma recognition certificate issued by the Luxembourgish Ministry of Education (may be submitted later)
  • your school reports and transcripts for your last three years at secondary school (all semesters or trimesters; your transcript for the current term may be submitted later)
  • any credits or university-level diplomas you may have already obtained (where applicable)
  • any language qualifications you may have obtained (may be submitted later)