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Nos formations bachelor - brochure
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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - English studies

The English Studies Programme is part of and contributes to the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes. This affects the programme structure and the types of choices available to you. Please make sure you check out the information relating to your year of entry (the academic year in which you started your studies in the BCE). This is important, as the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes has been reshaped, and this too will affect your choices and academic progress.

Year of Entry: 2019 and Later

Programme Structure

Please use the Organisation Chart and the Module Structure to plan your studies and track your progress.

Summer 2021-2022

Semester Vorl. (hours)Übung (hours)ECTS
English Literature: A History
[ BCE-ES-201-03]
Module 0120103032 4
Reading and Writing about Literature 3
[ BCE-ES-202-03]
Module 0220203032 4
Module 0120102022 4
Reading and Writing about Literature 2
Module 0220202022 4
Grammar II
Module 0320302022 4
History of the English Language (ca. 400 - ca. 1600)
Module 0320303032 4
English for Academic Purposes - Group II
Module 0420402022 4
Victorian Literature
Module 0720702022 4
Women's Writing
Module 0720703032 4
Early modern Literature and Culture 2
Module 0720705052 4
Research Seminar S6
Module 0540501014 4
Research seminar S4
Module 0540502024 4
Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism
Module 0840802024 4
Authoring the Self
Module 0840803034 4
European Modernisms
Module 0940912124 5
Creative Writing
Module 0940913134 5
American Studies 2: Identity and Diversity
Module 0940914144 5
Module 0940917174 5
Black Writing in Britain
Module 0940918184 5
Reading Illness
Module 0940919194 5
Dragons, Knights and Pilgrims - Making Sense of Language and Literature in medieval England
Module 0940921214 5
Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics
Module 0940923234 5