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Continuing education "Luxembourgish language and culture"

> Languages in which the training is held: Luxembourgish, German

Luxembourg is a multilingual and multicultural society, in which many languages coexist. However, Luxembourgish is gaining more and more a role as a language of integration. The demand for Luxembourgish courses and qualified teachers is growing. This programme is aimed at all who would like to train or further continue their education as a teacher of Luxembourgish in adult education.

Prerequisites for admission are a BAC and a mother tongue proficiency in Luxembourgish.

How are the courses organised?

  • Duration: 1 year (2 semesters) = 27 sessions (14 during the winter semester, and 13 during the summer semester);
  • Volume: 120 hours;
  • Languages in which the training is held: Luxembourgish;
  • Individual courses are completed by continuous evaluation or by exam;
  • Completion: Once the exams have been successfully completed, a certificate will be issued.

Content overview

In this continuing education programme 'Luxembourgish language and culture', teachers are trained to hold courses in the field of 'Luxembourgish as a foreign language' for adults. The program includes foreign language didactic theories and methods, preparation of teaching materials, the language structure of Luxembourgish, as well as an introduction to Luxembourgish literature and culture.

Module 1: Language situation and structure of Luxembourgish: In this module linguistic foundations for Luxembourgish are created. Dealing with linguistic structures (phonetics/phonology, spelling, morphology, sentence structure) is at the forefront. (50 units, 10 ECTS)

Module 3: Foreign language didactics: This module is aimed only at students of the specialization "Luxembourgish as a foreign language". Here, foreign language didactic theories and methods that are relevant to adult education are taught. The courses focus on the specific situation for Luxembourgish as a foreign language and its practice. (60 units, 14 ECTS)

Module 2: Literature, Culture and Media: Students will get acquainted with the 3-language Luxembourgish literature and the history of Luxembourgish literature. A very special focus is placed on literature and the Luxembourgish language. They get an overview of Luxembourg culture and the history of the Luxembourg media. (20 units, 6 ECTS)

This continuing education programme 'Luxembourg language and culture' has been recognized since 2009 by a Grand-Ducal regulation of the Ministry of Education. Students who successfully complete their continuing education can apply to the Ministry of Education for an agreement to teach Luxembourgish as a foreign language.



Odile Ragot, programme administrator

Programme at a glance

  • Duration: 2 semesters (Fridays, from September to June)
  • Language: Luxembourgish
  • Registration fees: 100 € / semester