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Master in Architecture

The Master in Architecture is a two-year English-taught programme which combines both a traditional curriculum of architectural education and a profiled programme structured around three major themes: architecture, European urbanisation and globalisation.

The Master in Architecture educates future architects with specific additional skills in research and knowledge in the field of urban design particular to European urbanism and globalisation.

The Master in Architecture focuses on:

  • architectural and urban design on different scales in a European context, with an emphasis on the strategic aspects of design
  • architectural and urban research with architectural means focusing particularly on European urbanisation
  • research on the impact of globalisation on cities and regions, as well as on comparative analysis of typologies in architecture and urbanisation worldwide

The Master programme does not see architecture as a static discipline, but as a professional field where a multitude of interrelated actors constantly have to anticipate changes in the context they operate, may they be demographic, political, social, environmental, cultural or technological. Design goes hand in hand with research, and the principle of the master programme highlights the dialectical relationship between design by research and research by design.





Career opportunities

Students are trained to think and act strategically and future-oriented. They develop a broad skill set and are prepared for a career in the private sector, in administrative bodies, or as PhD students at universities.

Why study architecture at the University of Luxembourg

  • You will explore the historical, social, political and environmental effects  that are shaping architecture.
  • You will be studying in a modern and professionally equipped environment at the rapidly growing, international and multilingual university.
  • You can orientate your curriculum according to your personal interests by choosing from a range of specialised seminars. 
  • Interdisciplinary projects and team work are making up a large part of everyday teaching.
  • The Master in Architecture actively contributes to the architectural debate and reinforcement of the architectural culture in Luxembourg by cooperating with a broad range of national actors and institutions. 

Listen to the interview with the course director Florian Hertweck on Radio 100,7 (in German)

Read an interview with Florian Hertweck in Archiduc 13 (in French)



  • Duration: 4 semesters (120 ECTS), full-time
  • Registration fees: 500 € / semester
  • Languages: EN (level B2)
  • Application period: 
    • EU: February - June
    • Non-EU: February - April

Any questions? Contact us for information about registration and studying at the University of Luxembourg: