Master in Geography and Spatial Planning

MGM+e, Workshop and MOOCs in Geographical Modelling


The first workshop took place at the University of Luxembourg in February 2016. More than 40 international master students attended it and were taught by a dozen of instructors from partners’ universities.

Over 10 days, participating student were trained in advanced geographical modelling theory, tools and software, including the following

  •  urban form analysis and fractal planning,
  •  spatial interaction modelling,
  •  geographic serious games,
  •  complex systems and cellular automata,
  •  agent-based models and urban economics,
  •  land use and transport interaction,
  •  system and dynamics of cities,
  •  analysis of networks, flows and graphs,
  •  landscape ecology models

The next workshop will be hold in Rouen from February 5 to 17.

Download the programme 2017

Looking forward to our second workshop in France in 2017!