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Master in Social Sciences and Educational Sciences



Exceptional procedure due to the COVID-19 health crisis

Due to the exceptional situation, the University of Luxembourg has adapted its applications process.

  1. Submitting applications by email: Applicants are invited to submit their complete application file by email to
    Please do not submit any ecrypted documents.
  2. The eligibility criteria for non-EU applicants are listed here.
  3. Extension of the applicaiton deadlines for non-EU candidates are extended: the deadline for online registration is 11 May (instead of 26 April). The deadline for submitting the file by email is 18 May (instead of 3 May).


> Teaching language: English

Education's importance for individual life chances and societal development continues to rise worldwide. Changes in schooling, vocational training and higher education as well as informal, inclusive and lifelong learning emphasize this growing significance.

This international, multidisciplinary, research-based Master in Social Sciences and Educational Sciences addresses topics at the nexus of education and society and key challenges facing contemporary societies and welfare states.

Programme scope

English-language-based, the programme distinctively unites social scientific analysis of education and social systems and policies at local, national, European, and global levels. It combines historical, cultural, political, educational and sociological perspectives on educational institutions and organizations as well as their conditions and their consequences.

As a student, you will analyse changes in ideas, institutions and organizations caused by social, economic and political integration and compare the development of educational and social policies, schooling and social services across time and space. Particular emphasis is on Luxembourg, its neighbouring countires Germany, France and Belgium, and Europe within the context of internationalization. Innovatively, the approaches and methodologies of a variety of academic disciplines, including educational science, history and sociology, are jointly utilized in analysis and problem-solving.




Career opportunities

Students will be prepared to either continue their academic career in the University of Luxembourg’s intensive doctoral programmes or transition to a wide variety of national or international organisations, governments, foundations or associations throughout Europe and beyond.



Programme at a glance

  • 4 semesters (120 ECTS)
  • Intensive research-based programme (maximum of 25 students per cohort)
  • Distinguished multidisciplinary teaching faculty
  • International programme (English language)
  • €200 per semester tuition

Any questions? Contact us for information about registration and studying at the University of Luxembourg: