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Bachelor in Computer Science

Why study computer science?

IT is an extremely dynamic sector with a relatively high rate of job offers with very good salaries. The evolution of the employment in this sector is heading towards high qualification positions (master level at least). This is even more true for countries whose economies are comparable to those of Luxembourg, France, Belgium or Germany. The computer systems of the future require highly skilled engineers who are able to invent, design, develop quality products.

Aims of the programme

The Bachelor in Computer Science (BICS) aims at bringing the theoretical and practical skills needed to successfully pursue studies in a Master programme related to Computer Science at the University of Luxembourg or any other world-class university or school. It also represents one of the best steps for students who wish to become teachers. In addition, the programme will provide the bases on the three following main dimensions:

  • Creativity: capacity to generate new ideas
  • Science: precise knowledge determined using observations, experimentations, reasonings and expressions
  • Digital technologies: concrete means which rely on electronic devices and used to process information


  • Excellence: programme designed from the international ACM / IEEE CS 2013 standard
  • Project oriented: pedagogy based on acquisition by practice through research and development projects
  • Scientific quality: develop interest and strengths in science and technology for the future
  • Multilingual: students follow a multilingual training allowing them to practice and apply two languages in the frame of their IT projects. English is the main language and a second language can be chosen between French and German. This language approach has the purpose to ensure that the student has a real effective capacity to work in a multilingual environment, as it exists, among others, in Luxembourg.

Career perspectives

  • Master in Information and Computer Sciences (MICS) at the University of Luxembourg
  • Master in computer science within any other world-class university or school

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Good to know: the university also provides two other bachelors of computer training:

  • Bachelor en Informatique (BINFO): professional bachelor designed to train IT professionals ready to integrate the labour market after completing the bachelor
  • Bachelor en Informatique - Formation Continue (BINFO FC): continuing bachelor professional training for those who wish to combine work and studies


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Programme at a glance

  • 6 semesters (180 ECTS) including 1 mobility semester in a foreign country
  • Registration fees: 
    • 400€ /semester (1 & 2)
    • 200€ /semester (3 to 6)
  • Teaching languages: English (Major), a second minor language freely chosen among french or german for some specific program courses.
  • Campus: Belval