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Bachelor en Médecine


What are the conditions of access to training? 

  • Secondary school leaving certificate, preferably in a scientific section
  • Official C1 certificates in French and German from an accredited language school. These certificates are absolutely essential: an application without C1 certificates will not be considered for selection.
  • The selection is based on a dossier, taking into account the results in scientific subjects:
    • average grade in the secondary school leaving examination
    • marks in science subjects in the secondary school leaving examination
    • grades in science subjects on all transcripts for the last three years of high school

How many students are accepted vs. the number of applications?

130 students are accepted in the first year. We receive close to 550+ applications each year.

What is the required language level?

  • French and German: C1 certificate from a language school (letters from high schools, teachers, etc. are not accepted). Mixed levels B2/C1 are not accepted.
  • English: B2 but no certificate required

Does a student with dual French-German nationality have to provide a C1 certificate?

C1 certificates do not depend on nationality but on educational background.

Which scientific courses are to be chosen at secondary school?

They are all important. However, biology, chemistry and physics are very important.

Is there an advantage for those who have taken preparatory courses in a private school?

No none, we can only take into account for the selection the results obtained in the official structures that deliver the high school diplomas.

Is there an advantage for those who have already done a hospital internship, passed the Medizinertest in Germany or others?

No, not for the selection

Is it possible to enter the second year directly?

It is not possible


How is medical training constructed in Luxembourg?

3-year Bachelor's degree in Luxembourg, followed by a 3-year Master's degree in partner universities (for the moment, 25 places are guaranteed in France).

Is there still physics in 2nd year?

No, but for some courses, physics is essential and some principles will be mentioned.

What are the internships to be carried out?

There is a one-month nursing internship at the end of the first year. For the 2nd and 3rd years, no answer for the moment, the curriculum is being finalised.

Are there any law courses?

There are courses in ethics.

Which are the partner hospitals?


Will the mobility semester apply for the full Bachelor of Medicine in Luxembourg?

This is under discussion.