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Bachelor en Médecine

The objectives of the Bachelor of Medicine course are:

  • The acquisition of basic scientific knowledge, which is essential for the subsequent mastery of the knowledge and know-how required to practise medical professions. This scientific basis is broad: it includes biology, certain exact sciences and several disciplines of the human and social sciences.
  • The fundamental approach to healthy and sick people, including all aspects of semiology.

At the end of the programme, the holder of the Bachelor's degree in Medicine will be able to :

  • Use the acquired knowledge to solve problems through clinical reasoning ;
  • Be able to document and synthesize;
  • Communicate in a structured way with different categories of interlocutors;
  • Work effectively in a team and collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment;
  • Engage in an uninterrupted training process;
  • Understand public health issues;
  • Demonstrate a critical and creative mind;
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviour.