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Bachelor in Computer Science

Admission rules

Candidates for admission in the first year are required to hold:

  • a Luxembourg diploma of general secondary education (the bachelor is adapted to the general curriculum and scientific branches B, C, D and I), or
  • an equivalent foreign degree recognised by the Ministry of National Education of Luxembourg.

The training offers a limited number of places. Please consider that your application is graded according to several criteria among which are the following ones:

  • Motivation letter​
  • Level in mathematics during high school
  • Level in scientific courses during high school
  • General level during high school
  • High school degree type (classical/technical/...)
  • High school degree domain
  • Level in English (B2 is required)
  • Quality of the curriculum vitae


The following documents are required:


  • 1 ID photo (size 45x35 mm, in color, clear background)
  • 1 copy of ID or passport
  • 1 copy (both sides) of health insurance / social security card + validity date (Non-EU students can get this in Luxembourg)
  • 1 copy of your secondary school leaving certificate including grading (+ official translation if other languages than French, German or English)
  • If your secondary school certificate is not luxemburgish, a copy of the recognition is mandatory (please see here more information)
  • 1 motivation letter (at least 1500 words and less than 3000 words)
  • 1 CV
  • 1 certificate proving that your English level is (at least) B2 according to the CEFR European standard.
  • If desired, 1 certificate proving that your French or German level is (at least) B1 according to the CEFR European standard
  • If desired, letters of recommendation that may support the application or any other document considered useful

Click here to apply online. Below are the enrollment period and the most important links:

 For EU students:

  • Note that a transcript of the last three years of your secondary-school certificates is sufficient for your application for the BiCS even if you have not yet received your final diploma by the time your application is due (July 31st ).
  • If your application is accepted, we highly recommend that you have received the recognition of your secondary-school diploma from the Ministry of Higher Education & Research (and also found a proper accommodation to stay) before you start your studies with us.

For non-EU students: 

  • Please note that you need to provide both a transcript of the last three years of your secondary-school certificates as well as your final diploma along with your application. Furthermore, it is also mandatory to provide the recognition of secondary-school diploma issued by the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg (please see the procedure in the link above).
  • Students who are not in possession of their secondary-school certificates and/or their diploma recognition by the time their applications are due (April 30th ) will automatically be refused. If the University of Luxembourg is your first choice, we encourage you to renew your interest in the subsequent academic year, once you are in possession of the aforementioned documents.


Learn more:

  • Participate in our open day, taking place in spring traditionally
  • Come and visit our stand at the student fair held annually in autumn
  • Come and "test our faculties", you may can attend several first-year courses
  • Discover our University/faculty as "Student for a Day"