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Certificate - Principles of Biobanking

Biospecimens have become a strategic tool for healthcare and medical research, research and conservation in biodiversity, animal, plant and microbial biology as well as in translational research and systems biology through all types of -omics applications.

Optimal management of biospecimens and bioresources through biobanking for future research and conservation has now become a new discipline.



  • To provide the theoretical, operational and practical knowledge required to facilitate the activities of existing biobanks and assist the creation of new ones.
  • To encourage bilateral exchange of knowledge and skills across different thematic biobanking groups involved in biospecimen conservation, storage, science and research.

Learning Outcomes

Persons who have completed this course will:

  • Understand in depth and produce an oral synthesis of the common principles of practical biobanking.
  • Put different types of biobanks in perspective and draw conclusions about the theoretical underpinnings that were operational.
  • Apply the scientific basis of biobanking/biospecimen research in Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development and implementation and in research exploitation of samples.
  • Question the logistical, practical and technical steps of biobanking, and evaluate their coherence and adequation.
  • Compare different reports on biobank risk management and mitigation.
  • Develop Best Practices/SOPs).
  • Validate biobank protocols, training and technology transfers.
  • Analyse adequation to biobank Quality Management Systems (QMS) and the principles of certification, quality assurance and 3rd party ISO accreditation. 
  • Master the regulatory, legal and ethical aspects of biobanking.
  • Produce biobank cost analysis and recovery reports.

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Course coordinator

Fay Betsou

Fay Betsou - Chief Scientific Officer at IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg)

6, rue Nicolas Ernest Barblé, L-1210, Luxembourg
Tel.: + 352 27 44 64 - 56  
Fax: (+352) 27 44 64 - 64



Iraima Guarneri

+352 26 15 92 20

Programme at a glance

  • Lifelong learning integrated biobanking academic course with written examination
  • The training will take place in June / July 2021
  • 35 students maximum
  • Teaching language: English
  • Tuition fee: 2750€ (+3% TVA) for administrative charges (ONLY AFTER definitive agreement of the application)
  • Campus: Kirchberg andIBBL