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Certificate - Smart ICT for business innovation

Target Group

This University certificate is mainly aimed at experienced ICT professionals who wish to enhance their Smart ICT skills.
It is also open to all professionals and students who fulfil the admission criteria.

Admission Criteria

In order to be considered for the selection phase, candidates must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

1. Diploma & Professional Experience:

  • Either a Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) with a minimum of three years professional experience within the matters covered by the University certificate;
  • Or a Master’s Degree (300 ECTS) in a field within the matters covered by the University certificate;

2. Language skills:

  • Good knowledge of English is required since courses and materials are all delivered in English.

Selection Procedure

The admission committee accepts a maximum of 20 participants.
The selection procedure is based on the student’s application form, CV and letter of motivation. In addition, an interview with the candidate can be organised.

Application Procedure

Candidates must proceed with an online application

Tuition Fee

The total fee for the certificate is 3600€ (registration at the University of Luxembourg included).