Doctoral Programme in Physics and Materials Science

Application for financial support

You can ask for financial support by the doctoral programme.

  • For support for travel fill in this form:


  • For other support fill in this form:


Send a scan of the form to and to


Validating ECTS points

- Courses by the doctoral programme: you don't need to do anything, your ECTS points are registered automatically

- Other courses with a certificate: send as scan of the certificate to Benjamin Ledran

- Outreach activities: fill in this form (below), have it signed and send it to Benjamin Ledran


- Other training activities, where you don't get a certificate: fill in this form in word or in as pdf (below), have it signed and send it to Benjamin Ledran. In case this activity involved a presentation (oral or poster) at a conference or workshop, please, attach a copy of the relevant part of the conference programme.


- For secondments to academic or industrial research partners, please use the form below and send a scan to : 


- You can get ECTS points for your teaching activities, IF you have participated in a transferable skills course on teaching and if you write an essay on your teaching experience.
Your essay should cover the different phases of teaching: the preparation, the interaction with the students, the evaluation.

  • What did you do? What ideas and considerations did you follow to do what you did?
  • What went particularly well?
  • What problems occurred? How did you handle them?
  • What would you do differently next time?

And please mention that and when you took a transferable skills course on teaching.
Send the essay to Benjamin Ledran: