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Doctoral Programme in Systems and Molecular Biomedicine

Special Admission Requirements

Doctoral school candidates must have successfully completed university studies in natural sciences, bioinformatics, medicine, or veterinary medicine (Master or equivalent). Students with a background in physics or mathematics are also being accepted, based on their motivation and potential for interdisciplinary research.

Applicants are required to render evidence of above-average results obtained at university. The applicant’s past career must reveal his/her particular qualification for and dedication to scientific work. A physician will provide evidence of such qualification and dedication by his/her highly expert doctoral thesis in human medicine. Admission will only be considered when funding of the salary/fellowship is guaranteed. Members of the Doctoral School commit to present exclusively candidates who full-fill these criteria.

According to the regulations at the University of Luxembourg, the admission to the doctoral school is subject to the admission as a PhD student by the President of the University of Luxembourg.


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