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Master in integrated systems biology

Admission procedure:

  1. The applications are sent via the SEVE to the study director (Prof. Thomas Sauter), who makes a first screening for the above mentioned criteria.
  2. Applications that passed the pre-screening will be evaluated by the study director together with 1-2 other members of the MISB teacher’s team for the following criteria:
    • Motivation letter: besides the use of good English (see above), the applicant should demonstrate that he/she understands for what type of specialized studies he/she applies (for example by mentioning that the studies will necessitate skills in mathematics and computer sciences and not only classical biology).
    • General scientific background: the applicant should have passed courses in fundamental science disciplines, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biochemistry, with an acceptable grade (12/20 or more).
    • Courses in modern biosciences: the applicant should demonstrate knowledge in modern biosciences by documenting passed courses in molecular biology, bioinformatics, (human) genetics or similar topics.
    • CV: The CV of the applicant should demonstrate a continuous focus on scientific studies, if not otherwise explained in the motivation letter.

The above mentioned criteria are balanced against each other, failure in one is not automatically leading to a rejection of the application.

    3.  The study director informs the SEVE about acceptance or rejection of the application.


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Please do not hesitate to directly contact Prof. Thomas Sauter in case of any other problem.