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Master in Integrated Systems Biology

Why did you choose the University of Luxembourg for your studies?

I was searching for the 'Erasmus' agreements of my faculty in Portugal, and Luxembourg University was on the then I searched the masters from unilu related to Biochemistry (what I studied previously) and I just found MISB homepage and I immediately thought to myself 'wow, this is great, exactly what I wanted!'
So I chose Uni,lu because I liked very much MISB programme, not because of the country or other reason.

If you compare studying in Luxembourg to studying in your home country or at your former university, are there any main differences? Which ones?

I think we are able to use more up-to-date lab techniques. I think my colleagues from Portugal, who are now on the Master in Biochemistry haven't had the opportunity to perform some of the experiments we already did on the first semester, either because there's not an instrument available or because the experiment itself is too expensive.
What is also better, is that we are few in the class. Actually, for the 1st semester we were only 6 in lab practicals, meaning that we all had the chance to really try out and improve our lab skills.

What do you intend to do after your graduation?

Following MISB I would like to start the PhD.

What do you like most about (the city of) Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is big enough to do some sightseeing and to explore but not so big so that one would take too long from one place to the other or take too long to get familiar with. The architecture is quite different from what we have in Portugal and I also like it a lot. The bridges are cool and also the valleys, like 'Clausen'/'Grund'. It also has the 'public park' which is very cool either in the Summer with lost of Sun or in the Winter with the white from the snow!