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Master in Technopreneurship

The “Master in Technopreneurship: mastering smart ICT, standardisation and digital trust for enabling next generation of ICT solutions” will allow students to:

  • master the smart secure ICT and Technopreneurship concepts and their implementation in the market
  • cater for the current and future issues and standardisation needs in ICT areas such as digital intelligence and digital trust
  • develop a prospective view on future and emerging technologies to assimilate, disseminate and effectively use the knowledge
  • take advantage of the benefits of ICT governance in companies and governments to control and effectively use the competences and resources of the organisation
  • measure the challenges of digital trust and information security for the development of smart ICT
  • identify the key principles and technologies to achieve smart secure ICT projects
  • understand how the voluntary technical standards process works, particularly in the ICT sector
  • identify and use published and draft standards relevant to business
  • discover the role of standardisation delegate working on draft standards
  • analyse the opportunities offered by smart secure ICT and create value for business through an internal standardisation strategy