A global immersive initiative to accelerate startup success and fundraising

The University of Luxembourg Incubator’s Accelerator aims to provide intensive and time-limited business support for those of our startups that are ready for investments.

Given the size of the Luxembourg market, for many of the startups incubated at the University of Luxembourg, it will only be a foundational ground and eventually the need to look into other markets arises.


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This is why Incubator initiated the Accelerator to support their startups in three main directions:

• Team

To build the right team internationally so that it can support venture creation and market positioning.

• Traction

To test the market in order to identify the right niche market and the viable product launch strategy to gain market validation.

• Transition

To set up the leadership and management team to execute the fundraising plan and transition into a growth venture.

The outcome for the participating startups would be international exposure, customised strategy and – eventually – commercialisation.

For this initiative, the University of Luxembourg Incubator has partnered with the University of North Carolina and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.