A global immersive initiative to accelerate startup success and fundraising

The University of Luxembourg Incubator’s Accelerator is a sector-agnostic accelerator supporting the top, aspiring, and committed University entrepreneurs in scaling their business and becoming investment ready. 

The University of Luxembourg Accelerator works in partnership with the University of North Carolina and Tel Aviv University. It is funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund via a Knowledge and Innovation Transfer (KITS) grant.


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Startups selected to participate in the Accelerator get access to 1-1 tailored guidance, workshops, networking as well as access to different programs and funding opportunities.

The Accelerator will focus on working with the startups on three main directions:

• Team

To build strong entrepreneurs with a solid team for the initial stages of venture creation and market positioning.

• Traction

To implement market testing strategies to clearly identify the customer and execute a product launch strategy.

• Transition

To execute a concrete fundraising plan and smooth transitioning into becoming a growth venture.