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Entrepreneurship Programme

Acquire essential skills to build your business

To prepare its student entreprenears best for running their own company, the University of Luxembourg has created the Entrepreneurship Programme: an initiative dedicated to providing business, technical and personal development skills that will allow its participants to make their startup journey a success. This Programme is open for the University of Luxembourg students across all faculties regardless of their level of studies (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate/PhD) as well as University staff.


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Entrepreneurship Programme’s mission is to champion entrepreneurship education in the framework of the 3rd industrial revolution in the Grand Duchy, to educate entrepreneurial leaders who will create great economic and social value for Luxembourg and to embed the University of Luxembourg and its research institutions into the Luxembourg entrepreneurial ecosystem, acting as a link between the world of education and the business world.

In the framework of the Entrepreneurship Programme, you can acquire essential skills and knowledge to be able to build your own business with the support of the University of Luxembourg Incubator.

Some of the flagship initiatives of the Entrepreneurship Programme are Ideation Camp and International Summer School on Knowledge-Driven Innovation & Entrepreneurship