St'ART Promotion


Who are we?

St'ART Promotion is coordinated by Sisi Clees-Yin & Enrico Lunghi. It is a contemporary art project that aims to introduce contemporary art to University students and encourage collective involvement by offering theme seminars and workshops. Its goal is to provoke thinking and discussions on critical topics and trigger relevant conversations in the University of Luxembourg by exhibiting the outcome in the form of a collective installation or participative artwork. The philosophy of this processual project values every individual creativity, either with or without professional art training. St'ART Promotion welcomes and recruits all variations of self-expression which represent, and which can be identified with an individual's life story and critical thinking. Our ensemble is open to EVERY student from the University of Luxembourg. Bring your creativity, your ideas and your understanding of art! We learn together, and we create together.


What to expect?

Monthly meet-ups including:

  • Seminar and workshop on contemporary art;
  • Private museum/gallery visit accompanied by professionals


Online: START Lecture - Unlearning the art world / Working in the (art) world

by Hyejin Kim

  • When: Tuesday, March 30th 2021 | 12:00-1:00pm
  • Where: University of Luxembourg
  • Registration via to receive the meeting room link.


Short description: 

Art history postgraduate, artist assistant, exhibition coordinator, Biennale organizing committee's staff, research assistant, project manager, agency director, producer, communications manager, IT startup marketer, leggings designer, online shopping mall owner, translator, and the lists of jobs continues. I've worked in several art institutions in different parts of the world under different job titles learning and navigating my career. I also shifted industries from art to tech, from non-profit to startup companies. Through my journey in art career development, I've found few things to un/learn to not only survive but to grow. I'd like to share how I define pivotal experiences and connect art career without boundaries. (Hyejin KIM)


Short bio: 

BA in Curatorial studies of visual art, Dongduk Women's University 

MA course in Art Theory, Korea National University of Arts 


Growth Marketer, Superb AI, San Francisco 

Communications Manager, ICON Foundation 

Producer, <The Most Beautiful Moment of the War> 

Project Manager, <Theater of the disappearance> The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Newyork 

Assistant Researcher, <Crow's Eyes View: 2014 Vennie Architecture Biennale>, Venice 

Exhibition Coordinator, <Garden of Learning: 2012 Busan Biennale>, Busan 

Project Manager, <Made in North Korea>, Kaesong