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Guidelines for the applicaton form - student associations

Recognition Form

Part One: General Information

  1. Indicate the official name of your organization and its acronym;
  2. Describe in a few, brief points which are the main objectives and missions of your association. Tip for a new association: try to differentiate yourself from existing organizations by choosing different goals;
  3. Include the number of members of your organization;
  4. Explain in one sentence which criteria you will apply to accept a new member in your organization.
  5. Indicate the date of establishment of your association. If you are creating a new association you can indicate the date on which you filled in the Recognition Form;
  6. Fill in the contact information of 3 main board members (1. president: mandatory; 2. vice-president: mandatory; 3. other member of the executive board). The data needed are the full name, email address and cellphone number of every person;
  7. If your organization has its own website, Facebook page or other, please indicate in the link;
  8. Lastly, fill in your RCSL number.

Part Two: Contact Details of the Executive Board

  1. Fill in all the information about the Executive Board (President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and others).

Part Three: Activities and Needs for the Semester

  1. Describe your events of the previous semester (for existing associations) and the planned/done events for the current semester.
  2. Your needs should also be detailed so the OSL can try to accommodate them.

Part Four : Attachments

  1. If your organization is applying for the first time, include also the ASBL statutes of your organization.
Demande de financement et convention de reconnaissance et de subvention 

Part Five : Financial Support

  1. If your A.S.B.L requires financial support from the University, fill the empty fields in the "Convention de reconnaissance et de subvention" and the "Demande de financement".
  2. The president of the Association has to sign with his signature, full name and position at the end of the document. All other pages have to contain only president's signature in lower right corner of the document.
  3. The "convention de subvention" should be handed in to the Office of Student Life in two copies.