Student assessment summer semester 2021-2022

published on 17 May 2022

During the summer semester 2021-2022 both on-site and remote exams are permitted, within the limits of classroom availability, and in in full compliance with the health and safety rules of the University.

The following arrangements for exams are applicable at the University for the summer semester 2021–2022:

  • Students can be excused from on-site exams if they have tested positive to Covid-19 or meet the health vulnerability criteria as defined by the Luxembourg Government. Students who have tested positive to Covid-19 must contact the Study Programme Administrator (SPA) and provide the result of the PCR test. Students who meet one of the listed health vulnerability criteria must provide a medical certificate attesting of the condition. Students who wish to request to be exempted from attending on-site exams on other vulnerability criteria must contact the committee for reasonable adjustments at 
    • An alternative remote modality of assessment is to be offered to students who are excused from on-site exams. In the case when the student cannot pursue the alternative remote assessment (e.g., the student is sick and has acute symptoms), an ABS-J is to be granted, with the possibility for the re-take of the exam.
  • Exams are not organized under the Covid-check regime.
  • Wearing of masks during on-site exams is mandatory for all students and teachers.
    • In exams where students and/or teachers have to show facial expressions, masks can be lifted for a limited period of time.
  • The full details of the exam modality must be communicated to students at least 4 weeks before the exam date (Règlement des études, art. 38 (2)). If exams are arranged earlier than 4 weeks from today, please communicate the details as quickly as possible with the students.
  • The University has developed a guide for students that aims at understanding and avoiding plagiarism. A review of this guide is strongly recommended to all students prior to entering the exam period.

Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and the student assessment policy for additional information, support and assistance.