Student assessment winter semester 2021-2022

published on 08 December 2021

The winter exams are to be organised in full compliance with the health and safety rules of the University. Please note that health and safety rules of the University may undergo adjustments during the exam period, following the development of the COVID-19 situation of the country. Please be alert to communications detailing changes in health and safety rules at the University, as they may have an immediate applicability effect.

The following arrangements for exams are applicable at the University for the winter semester 2021 – 2022:

  • Modalities for exams will be a mix of on-site and remote assessments. In effect, it means that exams can be organised as remote or on-site, as per the characteristics of the course, and within the limits of classroom availability.
  • Alternative exam modalities with a focus on remote assessments are strongly encouraged by the University. Aiming at efficiency and flexibility, not least during the ongoing pandemic, alternative remote forms of assessment such as open-book exams, papers (research-based papers, essays, etc.), group work, project work, group presentations, case-studies, tests/quizzes via Moodle, continuous assessment (contrôle continu), etc. are viable options of examination during the current semester.
  • Exams that are planned on-site must also have ready an alternative remote modality of assessment (Plan B) for students who cannot attend on-site exams (see the next bullet point), or in the case when the sanitary protocol will dictate a change in the format of examination to full remote.
  • Students can be excused from on-site exams if they have tested positive to COVID-19 or meet the health vulnerability criteria as defined by the Luxembourg Government. Students who have tested positive to COVID-19 or meet at least one of the vulnerability criteria must contact the Study Programme Administrator (SPA) and provide a medical certificate attesting of the condition. Students who wish to request to be exempted from attending on-site exams on other vulnerability criteria must contact the committee for reasonable adjustments at 
  • Winter exams are not organised under the COVID-check regime. However, both teachers and students are encouraged to use self-tests prior to attending on-site exams. The University will distribute test kits for students and teachers at reception desks.
  • Wearing of masks during on-site exams is mandatory for all students and teachers.
  • Teachers are to communicate to their students the exact modalities for each specific class by 13 December.
  • The University has developed a guide for students that aims at understanding and avoiding plagiarism. A review of this guide is strongly recommended to all students prior to entering the exam period.
  • All students and teachers must be prepared to transition to a full remote format of assessment on a short notice, if the sanitary situation of the country will dictate it.

Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs), and the student assessment policy for additional information, support and assistance.