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Bachelor in Animation

Programme scope

The Bachelor in Animation is a 2-year curriculum designed by the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre and the Lycée des Arts et Métiers (LAM) and hosted by the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FHSE).

With the BTS Dessin d'Animation, the LAM has been offering a successful hands-on technical diploma in traditional and 2D digital animation for more than 25 years; on top of this strong traditional and 2D foundation, the Bachelor in Animation delivers an academic degree in 3D Computer Animation with strong emphasis on employability, entrepreneurship and artistic and technical skills.

The programme aims at giving the students the means to master the fundamentals in order to enter the animation industry in Luxembourg or on an international level. Theoretical courses are coupled with project-based learning modules taught by a roster of industry professionals with first-hand production and film-making experience in Animation

The Bachelor in Animation is a diploma awarded by the University of Luxembourg.

Target groups

  • People who want to be part of a creative field, constantly learning new tools, and skills;
  • People who have a passion for solving problems by tapping into their artistic talents and using computer skills;
  • People who have already acquired 60 ECTS at the BTS of Animation, Lycée des Arts et Métiers or an equivalent study programme or have 3+ years of professional experience in the field of Animation.

Programme details

This study programme is addressed to students that already have basic competences in Animation. Students are then only required to complete 4 semesters, namely from semester 3 to semester 6. Below you can find an overall description of each semester.

Semester 3: Introduction to 3D Computer Animation and consolidation of Visual Storytelling techniques

Semester 4: Mobility semester at a foreign university in a Computer Animation programme

Semester 5: Advanced techniques in 3D computer Animation and specialization in animation or modelling

Semester 6: Final project (demoreel), thesis and internship in an animation studio

About the Mobility Semester:

  • Takes place throughout the fourth semester (mandatory, some discharges are available, ask us for conditions);
  • Opportunity to continue studying at an international institution;
  • Broadens students' horizons, meet new people and explore new places;
  • A growing network of partner universities and schools is available to students (subject to availabilities of visiting school places);
  • ERASMUS subsidies are available to help students and sustain relocation costs during the mobility semester

Highlights of the programme

  • Learn from industry professionals who work in animation studios;
  • Individualized learning experience;
  • Dedicated facilities and computer lab with long hours access for students;
  • Take advantage of internship opportunities to prepare yourself to enter the animation industry.


Admission Criteria

Candidates for admission at the Computer Animation are required to hold:

  • 60 ECTS accredited by the BTS Dessin d’Animation (Lycée des Arts et Métiers, Luxembourg) or an equivalent study programme or 3+ years of professional experience in the field of Animation;
  • Oral and written skills in English or French.

Selection Criteria

  • Motivation, curiosity and expected commitment to pursue studies in 3D Animation
  • Visual Art skills
  • Technical skills to operate computer software
  • Communication skills in English or French
  • Performance at interview (if applicable)

Please note that applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for this study programme will be assessed and advised individually and may be considered for other related programmes.

Internal Candidates

If you are a student enrolled in the BTS Dessin d’Animation at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers (LAM) at the time of the application request, in addition to the usual application documents, you will have to send us:

  1. Proof of 60 ECTS: Transcript of Records (ToR) of the 1st year of the BTS Dessin d’Animation, Lycée des Arts et Métiers
  2. Motivation letter
  3. Upon request, a Visual Art Portfolio.

External Candidates

If you are not enrolled in the BTS Dessin d’Animation at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers at the time of the application request, in addition to the usual application documents, you will have to send us:

  1. Visual Art Portfolio (*see below for details)
  2. Motivation Letter

After a first pre-selection, applicants may be invited to an individual, multilingual interview.

The Visual Art Portfolio should include:

  • Life sketches of people and animals in different poses and attitudes (maximum: 10 pieces total)
  • Sketches or colored drawings of natural and architectural landscapes (maximum: 5 pieces total)
  • 3D models made in a 3D Software such as Blender, Maya or 3ds Max, including props, sets or characters (maximum: 5 pieces in total)
  • Other computer artwork in Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. (optional, maximum: 5 images)
  • Animation samples (optional, maximum: 5 clips)

More information on the admission procedure is available on our Application section.

Career opportunities

Entry level position as a: Concept Artist, Layout Artist, Animator, Background Artist, Storyboard Artist, 2D Generalist, 3D Modeler, Texture Artist, 3D Animator or become an Independent Filmmaker.

Continue your education with a Master’s in Computer Animation, Media Studies, Gaming, Cinema or related fields.


For more information please contact Emanuela Rossi or Estelle Derouillat at

Programme at a glance

  • 4 semesters (120 ECTS)
  • Mandatory mobility semester
  • Teaching languages: French & English (please check the teaching language of the different courses under "Programme")
  • 200€/Semester (semesters 4 to 6)