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Master in psychology: evaluation and assessment



Teaching languages: French and English. Advanced command of French and English (level C1) is required.

The personal and professional future of every individual is marked more and more by life-long learning. In such a context, there is a growing need to assess, on a regular basis, the learning potential and the skill and personality profiles of individuals.

These assessments will be used in different areas such as admission to degree programmes, the distribution of jobs, mobility in society, etc. The master’s degree programme in psychology that we offer features key qualifications specific to the assessment field. It consequently gives access to sectors of activity that require the use of assessment tools and methods such as human resources departments, assessment centres, initial and continuing training centres, etc.




Learning outcomes

  • Theoretical and methodological knowledge necessary to devise scholarly assessment studies;
  • Development, choice and application of assessment tools;
  • Statistical and methodological knowledge and expertise required to process and interpret data;
  • Presentations, reports, assessments and evaluations for various target groups;
  • Acquisition of high-level skills in implementing and applying assessment mechanisms, whether in cognitive assessment, academic learning, professional skills, personality dimensions or in any other area that could capitalise on psychometric measurement models and multivariate analysis methods.

Career prospects

  • Departments of human resources;
  • Assessment centres;
  • Initial and continuing training programmes;
  • Academic and occupational orientation;
  • Accreditation of prior experiential learning;
  • Medical and rehabilitation sector;
  • Public employment services;
  • Institutes for research in assessment.
  • Services publics de l’emploi, Instituts de recherche dans le domaine de l’évaluation.



Programm in einem Blick

  • 4 Semester (120 ECTS) – 10-wöchiges Berufspraktikum.
  • Vollzeitstudium.
  • 200 € /Semester.
  • Unterrichtssprachen: français + English

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