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Master in Transnational German Studies

International Joint Degree Programme
Porto – Luxembourg – Mainz – Palermo

In the international Joint Master Degree "Transnational German Studies" you acquire your Master (Master / Luxembourg, Master of Arts (M.A.) / Mainz, Mestre / Porto, Laurea Magistrale / Palermo) within the framework of a study programme at a total of four European universities.

By embedding subject-specific knowledge of German studies in a trans-European, intercultural and interdisciplinary context, local internationality is combined with content. One focus is on the literature of the Middle Ages and the early modern period; the genuinely literary-scientific content is expanded by courses on cultural history, professional orientation and the specific acquisition of language skills.

This special programme is aimed at students from Europe and all over the world. In addition to in-depth cultural-historical, literary and linguistic knowledge, it not only imparts the European values of an open society and of an international, intercultural and transdisciplinary education but also skills that open up a wide range of professional opportunities for students and qualify them for later responsible activities in society.

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The application and enrolment in the programme is possible for the winter semester of each academic year. Please verify the application deadlines and modalities on the website of the University of Porto.

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Job opportunities - A strong start to your career

Graduates of the Master's programme in Transnational German Studies acquire a well-grounded academic qualification (Master's degree) that enables them to independently reflect on cultural and literary theory. With knowledge of the historical development, they can (self-)confidently meet the demands of a multilingual, intercultural working environment. The degree opens up a variety of professional perspectives in the current literary world, in the cultural and media system as well as in the field of science and research.

Professional practice

  • Political and cultural institutions, educational institutions (e.g. Ministry of Education), including EU institutions, cultural institutions (museums, galleries, theatres, opera, etc.), associations and business organisations, cultural journalism (newspaper practice: feature pages, literary criticism, print and online; radio practice: radio and podcast; video practice: TV stations, editing, production).
  • Management tasks, planning, professional cooperation or public relations in libraries, literary archives, cultural promotion, literary societies, literary agencies, houses of literature, literary management (e.g. (popular or academic) publishers), etc. 

Science and Research

  • Doctoral studies: Graduates can apply for a doctoral programme in the field of humanities (e.g. in the Doctoral School of the University of Luxembourg).


Heinz Sieburg


Amelie Bendheim

Stellvertretende Studiendirektorin


  • Duration: 4 semesters (120 ECTS) / full time
  • Languages: DE (B2 Level) partially in English
  • Start of programme: Winter semester
  • Application period: