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Guest students

Open courses

The University of Luxembourg opens to the public (“guest students”) its high quality courses attended normally by Bachelor and Master Students. Those « Open courses » are open to everyone within the limits of available places (3 courses maximum). A booklet with all Open courses will soon be available on this website.

Taking courses at the University requires a certain amount of personal work, even without being subject to any rating. Thus, Guest students are invited to read the available course descriptions in the booklet, in order to judge whether those correspond to their expectations and do not overload them with a burden of work. Guest students will not be subjected to any exam nor acquire ECTS credits or degrees.


Courses booklet

The courses booklet is the list of courses open to the guest students for the summer semester 2018/2019. You can find too the description and schedule of the courses.

The course booklet can be changed in the future, the date on the cover indicate the last update.

You can download the booklet right now by clicking on the link below: 


Courses booklet for guest students Summer semester 18/19
(update 24/1/19)



Registration for the Open Courses

*Attention* - Modification of the usual registration procedure!

In order to improve our service to the Guest Students, the usual registration procedure has been changed in September 2018. Henceforth the registration will follow 3 successive steps:

  1. Online selection of the Open Courses
    In January 2019, Guest Students will have the possibility to choose online among all the courses listed in the booklet which ones they would like to be registered in (up to 5 choices, classified in order of preference).





  2. Validation of the Course selection by the University following these criterias
    After the selection of the chosen courses by the Guest Students, the University validates their course selection by respecting the following aspects:
    • Registration in maximum 3 courses per guest student
    • A course is open to guest students within the limits of available places,
    • The choice of courses will be classified in order of preference (from 1 to 5)
    • If a selected course is already overbooked, the next course in the list will be considered.





  3. Registration of Guest students at the University of Luxembourg (on the website or at the registration office of the University of Luxembourg (SEVE))
    After the validation of the courses by the University, you need to register yourself at the University as a Guest student. The registration consists in:
    • Complete the registration form ( ) or you can come to the registration office at the University (SEVE)
      Note: In case where you were enrolled as a guest student at the University of Luxembourg since 2006 and you were not enrolled last winter semester 2018/2019, then you need to come at the office of the student service to enroll.
    • Payment of your registration fees: (soon available)

Note: Please note that the Open courses is a service given by the University of Luxembourg to the public. Priority is given to our regular students. In fact, some courses listed in the booklet have a strict limit of available places open to Guest students,  which is why the University cannot ensure that all demands will be satisfied. Nonetheless, all efforts will be put to make sure that guest students will gets the possibility to enroll in at least one of the 3 first courses amongst the chosen ones.



  • Online publication of the Open Courses booklet: /
  • Selection form of the Open Courses: /
  • Winter semester courses period: From Monday the 16th September until Saturday the 21st December 2019



Administration of the Open Courses