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International Activities

Universities across the world are recognising and asserting their pivotal role in affecting the necessary changes in social norms and practices, through research, teaching and community engagement. Early international initiatives on higher education for sustainable development include the 1991 Talloires declaration (over 300 University signatories), the 1993 Copernicus Alliance (over 326 signatories in 2006), and the United Nations Declaration on the ‘Decade of Education for Sustainable Development from 2005 – 2014’, which set up regional networks and centres of excellence.

One of the recent initiatives is the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN), which posits sustainable campuses as models and living laboratories for sustainable solutions in building- and urban-design, resource use, and communal life. Associated goals include fostering research and teaching that transcends disciplinary boundaries and focuses more on real-world problem-solving. Founding members of the ISCN include the ETH Zürich and the Universities of Copenhagen, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Tongji, and Tokyo. The University of Luxembourg (UL) has joined the ISCN in April 2008, and is chairing one of four working groups.

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Sustainable Campus Charter

In July 2010 Rolf Tarrach, former rector of the University of Luxembourg has signed the ‘Sustainable Campus Charter’, which highlights the clear commitment of the university to organise its future development also in view of affecting beneficial environmental and social impacts.

The charter was developed by the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) and the Global University Leaders Forum (GULF). Lead author of the ISCN-GULF charter is Dr. Ariane König in her function as chair of one of the ISCN Working Groups.