Campus Connections

Buddy Programme

Are you a first year student at the University of Luxembourg? Do you want to find your way round the University? Do you want to discover Luxembourg? Apply for a ‘Buddy Guide’ today.

What is the Buddy Programme?

The Buddy System pairs a 2nd or 3rd year student (Buddy Guide) with a first year student (Buddy) to help them settle in to life at the University of Luxembourg.

What does a Buddy Guide do?

The Buddy Guides are also students and have already experienced their first year at the University. The Buddy Guides know what’s what on and off campus. They are there to help and guide you and to make your first months at the University of Luxembourg as welcoming as possible.

If you would like to join the programme as a Buddy or Buddy Guide please fill in the Buddy Programme registration form.

For any further questions, contact Claire Lallier or Veerle Waterplas by email via



Do you need an academic boost? The University of Luxembourg Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) programme is support for students, by students via regular small group study sessions.

The PAL sessions are intended to help you:

  • increase your knowledge of specific course subjects
  • gain a deeper understanding of course content
  • increase your academic performance
  • feel a part of the campus community
  • connect with other students

If you would like to join the PAL programme or volunteer as a PAL Leader, please contact Jimmy Corneille by email

Would you like to informally meet fellow students or become active in the student community? There are a lot of possibilities to meet and interact with other students! 

  • Come to the Student Lounges
  • Join a student association or club
  • Start your own student project or initiative
  • Become a student representative or delegate
  • Participate in student events
  • Get your volunteering time recognized and acquire the Community Engagement Certificate

Follow this link to get more information on Student Life at the University!