The Rector appoints and convenes the Internal Promotion Review Committees and the External Evaluation Committee.

These committees will review submitted documentation and provide feedback on applicants' fulfillment of the criteria for promotion. In addition the External Evaluation Committee will provide an opinion for final ranking to the Rector.

Internal Promotion Review Committees

Please refer to the dedicated page for a brief summary on responsibilities and committee work.

External Evaluation Committee

Please refer to the dedicated page for a brief summary on responsibilities and committee work.

Evaluation criteria


The evaluation as part of the competitive promotion process includes two major components: evaluation of the applicant across the assessment areas based on own merits, as well as a ranking among the whole pool of applicants in the given level.

Assessment areas

In accordance with article 24 of the University Law regarding the functions of a professor, the applicant’s performance will be measured along the following areas:
• Research and scholarship, i.e. a record of high-quality and peer-assessed scholarly work;
• Teaching, i.e. a teaching record with commitment to academic and pedagogical excellence. This may include participation in set-up or reorganisation of teaching programmes;
• Knowledge and technology transfer, i.e. a record of activity in technology transfer, public outreach, research collaboration/partnership with industry or public bodies, or other relevant activities;
• Administration and management, i.e. a record of university service and good management practice.
The professorial function of “International, European and national collaboration” will be considered within each of the areas laid out above.

It is in the nature of the position that there is overlap between the different categories and that their weight will be different for different individuals, position profiles and disciplines.

For detailed information on evaluation criteria and weighting of assessment areas, please refer to the policy.


After initial scoring across each area of assessment, an overall score outcome is produced. Based on the overall score outcome, the External Evaluation Committee assigns a relative ranking among the applicants for each level.