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University of Luxembourg hosts graduation ceremonies

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Veröffentlicht am Montag, den 28. November 2016

The month of November saw 998 students graduate from the University of Luxembourg with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, as the University hosted its annual graduation ceremonies.

Master graduation


Master students from all faculties graduated at an official ceremony on Friday, 25 November 2016, which also included a keynote speech by Mr Romain Poulles, CEO of ProGroup, who spoke to students about the future of business and the circular economy.

From the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, 152 students received their diplomas. The “Prix Azizi-Meij” was awarded to law students Florence Humblet and Milena Vancova, the KPMG Award for Outstanding Student in Accounting and Audit went to graduate Eric Kamphaus, the Economist Club Luxembourg Prize for the best Master Thesis in Economics and Finance was awarded to Alexey Vasilenko and Anastasia Chaikina, and the “Prix Germain Dondelinger” was awarded to law student Marcel Kaiser.

From the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication, 86 students graduated in 10 different Master programmes in Mathematics, Condensed Matter Physics, Engineering, Computer Science and Integrated Systems Biology.

Four students received the following awards: Angelo Migliosi received the “Prix Germain Dondelinger” for the best Master thesis, Arshia Atashpendar received the “Prix Lanners in Physics”, Jimmy Devillet the “Prix de la Société Mathématique”, and Quentin Ghysens the “2 Frënn vun der FSTC" award for the best grade average.

From the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education, 134 students received their degrees. Fabio Spirinelli received the European Charlemagne Youth Prize for Best Master thesis in European Contemporary History and the “Prix Germain Dondelinger” was awarded to Mélanie Karp who graduated in Psychotherapy.

The President of the University, Prof. Rainer Klump, congratulated graduates on their achievement, wishing them much success for the future.


Bachelor graduation


At the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, 322 students received their diploma at the Bachelor graduation ceremony on Thursday, 17 November 2016. The Faculty offers three Bachelor programmes: the Bachelor en Droit, the Bachelor en Sciences Économiques et de Gestion and the Bachelor en Gestion.

During the ceremony graduates and their families heard from Mr Yonas Kindé, a refugee from Ethiopia resident in Luxembourg who competed in the Rio 2016 Olympics as part of Team Refugees. Additionally, Prof. Jörg Gerkrath and Prof. Luc Heuschling were honoured as the recipients of this year’s Teaching Award, both having received the same amount of votes from students.

At the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication, 79 students from four different Bachelor programmes in Engineering (Bachelor en Sciences et Ingénierie), Science and Engineering (Bachelor en Sciences et Ingénierie), Computer Science (Bachelor en Informatique) and Life Sciences (Bachelor en Sciences de la Vie) received their diploma on Friday, 18 November 2016.

In his speech entitled “A successful bachelor, and now?” Nico Binsfeld, CEO of House of Training, underlined the growing need of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) profiles and especially bachelor students in the industry. Before the formal graduation, five students were awarded for their outstanding academic results: Patrick Hoffmann received the Secolux Award, Claude Kremer the Prix de la Revue Technique, Manon Kinnen the SGI Ingénierie S.A. Award, Rosa Dos Reis Cipriano the Zonta Club Luxembourg Award and Pietro Sgobba the Best Mobility Award.

The Bachelor graduation of the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education is set to take place on Friday, 9 December 2016, when 225 students will graduate from four Bachelor programmes (Bachelor en Sciences de l’Éducation, Bachelor en Sciences Sociales et Éducatives, Bachelor en Cultures Européennes and Bachelor en Psychologie).

© Michel Brumat / University of Luxembourg